May 31, 2023

The benefits of Sumisansui irrigation in Nigeria include:

  • Assurance of all year round farming
  • Increased crop yield
  • Lesser Cost
  • Reduced Weed Pressure
  • Enhancement of Nursery Management etc
Sumisansui Irrigation System

The Sumisansui irrigation system is an irrigation system that consists of sprinkler type hoses used for the spraying of droplets of water to plants. Sumisansui irrigation system is a type of spray tube irrigation system.

The main components of the Sumisansui irrigation system are rain hoses, connectors, end plugs, submains, lay flat hoses, PVC pipes, source of water, pumps and venturi injector etc.

Benefits of Sumisansui Irrigation in Nigeria

The following are the benefits of Sumisansui Irrigation in Nigeria are:

All Year Round Farming

The Sumisansui irrigation system can ensure all year round farming. With Sumisansui hoses, a farmer can grow his crops in the dry season and wet season.

Increase in farmers’ Income

The Sumisansui irrigation system can improve the income of farmers by enabling them to grow crops in the dry season.

Ability to work with a low water pressure

This irrigation system works with low water pressure; this can reduce the cost of pumping water.


Sumisansui hoses are affordable and cheaper than other irrigation systems like the drip irrigation system.

Ease of Installation

The Sumisansui irrigation system is easy to install. Anyone can install the hoses.

Germination of Seeds

Sumisansui hoses are excellent for the germination of seeds.

Reduction in the Need for Labour

The use of Sumisansui irrigation system can reduce the need for labour on the farm.

Fertigation and Chemigation

Sumisansui irrigation systems can be used to spray soluble fertilizers to plants. They can also be used to inject soluble chemicals like fungicides to plants.

Prevention of Soil Compaction

The Sumisansui prevents the hardening of the soil or soil compaction. It also improves the aeration in the soil.

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