Thanks for stopping by! You have stumbled upon the most interesting website about drip irrigation, greenhouses, agronomy, precision farming and agribusiness!. I am Ayo, an expert in agronomy and irrigation technology. I have a great passion for irrigation, agronomy and farming.

About Me and My Website :

I was born in Nigeria but my quest for education and skills took me to 4 continents of the world. I have studied and worked in the areas of irrigation technology and precision farming in Nigeria, India. China, Ireland, UK and Canada. I have attended courses in over 25 countries of the world.

I just discovered the art of blogging and it is my dream and hope to educate people around the world especially Nigerians on how irrigation can significantly increase their crop yield and profitability.

At my leisure time, I tend to my crops grown in my hydroponic farm, play chess, build simple programs and play with my lovely dog (Terry).

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