January 7, 2021

Spray tube also called a rain hose or sprinkler hose is a set of polythene made pipes used for irrigating crops. Spray tube irrigation systems work like sprinklers; technically, they are also sprinklers since they spray water to crops.

Spray tube irrigation systems ensures that plants get adequate water all year round. They work like rain guns; however, they use lesser water than rain guns and are more efficient when used in small acreages.

Farmers can use spray tube in Nigeria if they want to grow their crops all year round. Spray tubes are very good for leafy vegetables and crops that like humid conditions. With spray tube irrigation system in Nigeria, a farmer can grow his crops in the dry season.

Some empirical findings have shown that spray tube irrigation systems are 30 – 70% more effective and efficient than flood or furrow irrigation.

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You should buy your spray tube irrigation system from credible dealers in Nigeria. You can buy your spray tube in Nigeria from the following vendors:

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What to look out for when buying spray tube irrigation system or kit in Nigeria

In Nigeria, people generally like ridiculously cheap products, in most cases; they pay for their gullibility dearly. In irrigation and farming, you should avoid ridiculously cheap products; a lot of the cheap products you see around in Nigeria are mostly sub-standard. They will not last long and will not be good for the purpose you bought them.

Below are some of the things you should look out for when buying irrigation spray tubes in Nigeria:

Price: If the price of the spray tube irrigation system is ridiculously cheap. Please be extra careful. Do not be deceived into buying a sub-standard product because of the cheap prices. You are likely to regret it if you do. Most cheap spray tubes sold in Nigeria are of low quality, they mostly get bad within a few months on your farm. Some even get blocked and they become useless. Do not let “Awoof” make you waste your hard earned money.

Characteristics of the spray tubes: You must know the exact type of spray tube that can work for your crops. You should consult and irrigation expert before buying spray tubes. Do not go on the web and just buy any spray tubes you see. Some crops need different specification of spray tubes.

The technical expertise of the spray tube dealer or seller: Do not buy spray tube irrigation system for way side traders or dealers who know nothing about irrigation. It is always better to consult experts as they can guide you and even help you to design your irrigation layout. These experts can install the spray tube kits for you and ensure that your water flow and pressure are right.

Quality of the spray tubes: It is difficult for a novice to know the quality of spray tube irrigation systems. You can see two similar spray tubes with the same texture and think they are the same but one can be far superior to the other. This is why it is advisable to buy only from experts and credible dealers in Nigeria.

UV quality of the spray tubes: One of the first questions you should ask when buying spray tubes in Nigeria, is the UV treatment of the spray tubes. If the spray tubes are not UV treated, please do not buy them. They will get bad within a few weeks on your farm.

spray tube system

Price of Spray Tube Irrigation System in Nigeria

The price of spray tube in Nigeria varies according to the quality. We only advise people to buy good quality spray tubes even if they are a little bit pricier. The Returns on Investment (ROI) of buying good quality irrigation systems is very high.

The price of 100 metres spray tube in Nigeria varies from N10,000 – N15,000 depending on the quality and characteristics.

spray tube irrigation in nigeria

Spray Tube Dealers in Nigeria

There are a number of spray tube irrigation systems dealers in Nigeria, unfortunately; only very few sell quality products.

Below are some of the credible spray tube dealers in Nigeria we can recommend:

Veggie Concept: This is arguably the largest irrigation systems dealer in Nigeria. This firm does not only sell irrigation products, it also advises its customers on soil analysis, water analysis, agronomic plan, plant tissue testing and farm setup services. It has designed and installed irrigation systems for some of the biggest multinationals in Nigeria

Contact: sales@veggieconcept.ng, 08025141924

Irrigation Home: This is a credible firm that sells all types of irrigation products. They sell some of the best spray tubes in Nigeria.

Contact: sales@irrigationhome.com.ng

Dipp Limited: Dipp Limited is one of the credible irrigation suppliers in Nigeria. The company sells Indian and Chinese made drip irrigation kits

Contact: +23412665430

Naan Dain Drip: This firm also sells spray tubes in Nigeria. It is a well-known irrigation dealer in Nigeria.

Contact: +2349195028

Crops suitable for spray tube irrigation

Laser spray tube systems can be used for almost all types of crops. Though, they are more suitable for some types of crops. Closely spaced crops benefit immensely from the use of spray tubes.

The following are some of the crops spray tubes can be used for in Nigeria:

Ugu (Ugwu) Leafy Vegetable: Ugu is a type of leafy vegetable used for the preparation of soups in Nigeria. It is highly favoured by the Ibo and the Yoruba tribes in Nigeria. Almost all the tribes in Nigeria eat this leafy vegetable.

Tomato: Spray tubes can also be used to irrigate tomato plants. However, drip irrigation is the most suitable type of irrigation system for tomato plants. If drip irrigation system is not readily available, you can use spray tube irrigation system.

Lettuce: Lettuce is an exotic leafy vegetable; it commands a good price in Nigeria. Spray tube irrigation system can be used to irrigate lettuce crop.

Rice: Rice is closely spaced during cultivation; this makes it an ideal candidate for spray tube irrigation system. If you are cultivating up upland rice, you may want to consider spray tube irrigation system.

Leafy Vegetables: Spray tube irrigation can be used to irrigate leafy vegetables. Some of the leafy vegetables spray tubes can be used to irrigate include cabbage, broccoli and all other types of Nigerian leafy vegetables like Soko, Tete and Ewedu etc.

Benefits of laser spray tube irrigation

The following are the benefits of using laser spray tube in Nigeria:

  • It can be used for the germination of seeds.
  • It can be used for nursing seedlings
  • It can enable farmers to cultivate their crops all year round thereby guaranteeing food security and increase in income for them.
  • It reduces the need for labour for flood or furrow irrigation. This saves costs for farmers.
  • It can also be used for the application of pesticides and foliar fertilizers to crops.
  • Spray tubes have been known to increase crop yield significantly.
  • Spray tubes disrupt the life cycle of some pests, thereby reducing the risk of pest damages to crops.

Characteristics or specifications of our spray tube irrigation system

  • The spray tubes are manufactured with polyethylene
  • The size of the spray tubes come in 100 metres rolls
  • Spray tubes are ultra violet rays tolerant.
  • The spray width of our spray tube can be from 0.1 metres to 6 metres depending on the specification.
  • Spray tubes can work with rivers, wells, streams and reservoirs etc. However, reservoirs are better.

How to Set Up a Spray Tube Irrigation System

If your farmland is large, it is better you engage an irrigation expert to design the layout and install the spray tubes for you.

However, if your farm is small, you can install it yourself. All you need to do is to run the spray tube laterals on your beds, connect the spray tubes to the sub-main hoses or pipes with the connectors. Close the end of the spray tubes with end plugs.

The sub-main hoses or pipes should be connected to a petrol or diesel driven water pump. The water pump pumps water from a reservoir to the spray tube irrigation system.

You will need some tools like punching tools, wrench and spanners to connect the spray tubes.

Components of a Spray Tube Irrigation System in Nigeria

The spray tube irrigation system has many parts which make up the system as a whole. The components of a spray tube system in Nigeria are:

Spray Tubes: These are the laser spray tubes which form the laterals laid n beds on the farm. They have laser perforated holes where water comes out in a spray form. The holes enable the spray tubes to irrigate or sprinkle water to crops.

Main Line: The main line is the main hose or pipe that brings water from the reservoir to the spray tube irrigation system. The reservoir can be natural lie river or lake; it can also be artificial like water tanks or dams etc.

Valves: The valve is a device used for the control of the flow of water. The valve can be used to block a zone in the farmland from access to water.

Air Valves: This device removes air from the pipes or hoses in order to prevent knocking sound.

Backflow Preventer: The backflow preventer or valve prevents the back flow of water to the source of water.

Spray Tube Connectors: The connectors are used to connect the spray tubes to the sub-main pipes or hoses.

Punch Tool: This is a tool used to create holes on the sub main hoses so that the connectors can fit into them,

End plugs: This is a device that blocks the end of the spray tube.

Spray Tube Joiners: These are used to join two spray tubes.

Filter: This removes the impurities in the water flowing through the system.

You can use spray tube in Nigeria if you want to increase your crop yield.

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