April 25, 2022

The cost of farm irrigation systems varies according to the type of irrigation system, size of farmland, distance of the source of water to farmland, type of power to be used for the irrigation system and other factors.

The cost of flood irrigation system is the cheapest of all irrigation systems especially if your farmland is small and you have access to a good source of water. However, flood irrigation system is not efficient and can be costly to the farmer in the areas of reduction in yield and higher incidences of diseases.

The Cost of Farm Irrigation Systems in Nigeria

Below is the cost of some farm irrigation systems in Nigeria:

Cost of Drip Irrigation System

The cost of drip irrigation system varies according to the quality of the drip irrigation system, size of farmland, distance of source of water to the farmland, type of drip irrigation system, type of crops planted and the plant spacing.

The cost of drip irrigation system for one acre varies from N180,000 – N350,000. The low quality drip irrigation system is usually cheaper than the high quality type.

drip tape

Cost of Rain Gun Irrigation System

The rain gun is an irrigation device that sprinkles water on the plants and the soil. It is a type of sprinkler that is effective for the irrigation of crops.

The price of rain gun irrigation system also varies according to the quality and the capacity of the rain gun. The cost of an 80 metres radius rain gun is usually higher than the cost of a 10 metres radius rain gun.

rain gun sprinkler irrigation in nigeria

Cost of Spray Tube Irrigation System

The spray tube irrigation system consists of hoses and pipes that spray water to the leaves and surfaces of the plants. The spray tubes work like sprinklers.

The cost of a one acre spray tube irrigation system varies from N180,000 – N290,000. The spray tube enables all year round farming. It is not as efficient as the drip irrigation system.

Cost of Center Pivot Irrigation System

The center pivot irrigation system is a type of farm irrigation system that moves in a circular form to sprinkle water or irrigate crops. The center pivot has several sprinklers including rain guns that it uses to irrigate crops.

The center pivot can be used to irrigate large acreages of farmland. This is one of its main advantages over other types of farm irrigation system.

The cost of a 100 metre span center pivot ranges from N3 million – N7 million.

center pivot

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