March 23, 2021

One acre drip irrigation kit is a system of drip irrigation hoses or pipes, connectors, end plugs, sub-mains and other irrigation components used for the irrigation of a one acre piece of land. One acre land is approximately 4,000 square meters. This means that a one acre drip irrigation kit can provide trickle irrigation for 4,000 square meters of land.

A lot of farmers in Nigeria prefer buying a one acre drip irrigation kit as a whole. Drip irrigation systems are hardly bought in bits in Nigeria; instead farmers buy in acre or hectare kits.

The 1 acre drip irrigation kit is suitable for small holder farmers in Nigeria. Farmers who plant vegetables, tree crops and broad acre crops on small acreages can use the one acre drip irrigation kit in Nigeria.

Buy a 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

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One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit


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One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit


One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit Dealers in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are a lot of dealers of one acre drip irrigation kit, however, a lot of them sell low quality irrigation products which you should avoid. No matter how cheap any irrigation products look, please you should exercise a lot of caution. Most ridiculously cheap drip irrigation kit are of low quality.

Below are some of the credible one acre drip irrigation kit suppliers in Nigeria:

Veggie Concept: Veggie Concept is one of the largest drip irrigation kit dealers in Nigeria. This firm represents a lot of irrigation manufacturers in the world. It does not only sell irrigation products, it also advises people on agronomy and farm set-up.

Contact: +2348025141924,

Dipp Limited: Dipp Limited sells drip irrigation kits in Nigeria. The firm sells drip irrigation kits manufactured in China and India.

Contact: +23412665430

Naan Dain Drip: This is an Indian firm that sells drip irrigation kits in Nigeria. It is a well trusted irrigation dealer in Nigeria.

Contact: +2349195028

Amira Drip Irrigation kit: Amira brings its drip irrigation kits from Kenya; it sells drip irrigation kits to Nigerians.

Contact: 2, Iganmu road, Lagos, Nigeria.

Components of a Typical 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

The following are the components of a typical one acre drip irrigation kit:

Drip Tapes: Drip tapes are hoses made of polythene that are laid on the surface of the soil. The drip tapes are installed at the side of plants in straight rows. Drip tapes are pre-installed with emitters at a predetermined distance; this distance can be 20cm, 30cm, 50cm or any distance. Drip tapes also come in different thicknesses. In Nigeria, the thicker the drip tape is does not mean that it will be durable to the ones that are not thick. Drip tapes with thickness higher than 0.5mm are called drip tubes. Drip tapes can be unblocked if blocked with particles or sand.

Mainline:  Ideally, a drip irrigation kit does not come with a mainline. The mainline is the pipe that takes water from the source of water to the sub-mains.  The source of water can be a dam, river, borehole or well etc.  The mainline is usually a PVC pipe, though if the source of water is a dam or river, hoses can be used as the mainline.

Other components of a typical drip irrigation system are:

  • Valves
  • Air valve
  • Backflow preventer
  • Lay flat hose
  • Punch tool
  • Croco connectors
  • Grommet
  • Take-off etc.

How to Set Up a One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

To set up a one acre drip irrigation kit is fairly simple. The kit is a DIY kit. You just need to look out the diagram and fix all the components of the kits together.

You need the drip tapes, sub-main hoses, connectors, end plugs, joiners, valves and the injectors to set up the one acre drip irrigation system. In addition to these components, you also need a source of water, pump and power. For gravity system, power may not be needed.

Should you find it difficult to set up your 1 acre drip irrigation system, you may engage a plumber or a technician which can help.

A one acre drip irrigation kit can be a cost effective way to irrigate your farmland.

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