October 29, 2023

The Sumisansui irrigation system is an irrigation system that consists of sprinkler type hoses used for the spraying of droplets of water to plants. Sumisansui irrigation system is a type of spray tube irrigation system.

The main components of the Sumisansui irrigation system are rain hoses, connectors, end plugs, submains, lay flat hoses, PVC pipes, source of water, pumps and venturi injector etc.

The Sumisansui hoses can work with a low water pressure. This irrigation system will spray water even if the water pressure is as low as 0.8 bar.

The Sumisansui irrigation system is mainly used for oil palm nursery, cocoa seedlings nursery and other types of crop nurseries in Nigeria.

Sumisansui Irrigation System

Crops That Thrive with Sumisansui Irrigation


Sumisansui irrigation is particularly well-suited for rice cultivation. Rice requires consistent and controlled water management, and this method ensures that each paddy receives the right amount of water without waterlogging. This is essential for rice, which grows in standing water.


A diverse range of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and leafy greens, can be efficiently irrigated with Sumisansui. The method allows for precise water control, preventing overwatering and water wastage, which is essential for vegetables' growth and quality.


Orchards that grow fruit trees such as apples, pears, and citrus fruits can benefit from Sumisansui irrigation. It provides a stable and reliable water supply, improving fruit quality and reducing the risk of disease associated with uneven watering.


Crops like wheat, barley, and oats can also be cultivated using Sumisansui. The controlled water flow helps prevent excessive moisture in the soil, reducing the risk of mold and fungal diseases that often plague grain crops.


Beans, peas, and lentils, among other leguminous crops, thrive with Sumisansui irrigation. These crops benefit from regular watering, which helps improve their yield and nutritional content.


Sumisansui irrigation is an excellent choice for sugarcane, as it ensures consistent moisture levels in the soil, contributing to higher sugar content in the harvested cane.


Cotton, which requires a steady water supply during its growing season, can significantly benefit from Sumisansui irrigation. This method helps improve fiber quality and overall crop yield.

Advantages of Sumisansui Irrigation

Water Efficiency: Sumisansui is designed to minimize water wastage, ensuring that every drop is used effectively, contributing to water conservation.

Even Distribution: The method provides uniform water distribution to crops, preventing dry spots and waterlogged areas, which can be detrimental to plant health.

Low Cost: Sumisansui is a low-cost irrigation system, making it accessible to small-scale farmers and those with limited resources.

Environmentally Friendly: With its focus on water conservation, Sumisansui reduces the environmental impact of agriculture, promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Low Maintenance: The simplicity of Sumisansui means minimal maintenance requirements, reducing the burden on farmers.

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