May 27, 2022

The best time of the day for drip irrigation is in the morning and evening. For most farmers, drip irrigating their crops in the morning is the best option. It is usually convenient for most farmers to irrigate their crops in the morning.

Drip irrigation schedules can also be done in the afternoon if the plants are dehydrated. Farmers and gardeners should watch their plants and see if they need water. If the plants look so dry and dehydrated in the afternoon, you should irrigate immediately.

Another best time for drip irrigation is in the evening and night. Irrigating plants when the sun is down can be beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the plants.

drip irrigation

Time of the Day to Drip Irrigate your Crops


The mornings are usually the best time for drip irrigation. Aside the convenience for farmers, it is good to give your crops a good head start for the day by applying water to them.

Plants that are well fed with adequate water will have the vigor to withstand the heat and other stresses of the day.


Most farmers do not usually irrigate in the afternoon. However if your plants show signs of dehydration in the afternoon, you must irrigate them quickly. Dehydration can negatively impact the health of the plants and also lead to a reduction in the overall crop yield.


Application of water slowly to the root zone of plants can be done in the evening. The evening can be the best time for drip irrigation. When plants are irrigated in the evening, they will have the time over the night to optimally use the water for their overall benefit.


You should be careful doing your drip irrigation schedules at night. Irrigating crops at nights may increase the risk of fungal infections. However, the benefit of using drip irrigation is that it applies water to the root zone of plants. This will remove the risk of foliar fungal diseases. Irrigating at nights can be beneficial to crops.

The best time for drip irrigation as earlier discussed in this article is the morning and the evening. However, if you plants look dehydrated in the afternoon, you should irrigate them.

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