June 30, 2021
venturi injector - 1.5 inch
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A venturi injector or fertilizer injector is a component of a drip irrigation system used for the passing of soluble fertilizers and chemicals to the drip irrigation lines in a process called fertigation.

With a venturi injector, soluble fertilisers can be injected into the drip irrigation system for onward passing to the roots of the plants on the field.

The venturi injector sucks soluble fertilizers and injects them into the drip irrigation lines based on the principle of differential pressure.

venturi injector for drip irrigation

How a Venturi Injector Works

To use a venturi injector for fertigation, you need to mix the soluble fertilizer in water. This soluble fertilizer already mixed should be in a drum, small reservoir or open container.

The venturi injector is often connected to the main line or the sub main line. Once, the valves below the venturi injector is closed, it automatically sucks the fertilizer solution from the drum and mixes it with the flowing water in the irrigation pipes or hoses.

The vacuum created when water enters the pipe at a higher pressure and exits at a lesser pressure forces the venture injector to suck up the liquid solution.

Components of a Venturi Injector or Fertilizer Injector for Drip Irrigation

The venturi injector has the following components:

Injector Inlet

This is the part of the venturi injector where flowing water enters. This part receives a higher pressure of water than the outlet part.

Injector Outlet

Water exits the venturi injector through the part called the injector outlet. The pressure of water flow at the injector outlet is lower than the flow at the injector inlet.

Injector Suction Hose

This is the hose that sucks the liquid solution. Without this hose, the venturi injector cannot function properly.

Features of a Fertilizer Injector

The venturi injector has the following features:

  • It is made of hard plastic which can last for several years.
  • It is resistant to harsh substances and chemicals.
  • It is maintenance free as there are mechanical parts in it.
  • It is cheap as a lot of farmers can afford it.

How to install a Venturi Injector (Fertilizer Injector for Drip Irrigation)

If you are good with fixing things, you can easily fix a venturi injector on your drip irrigation line. You may also ask an irrigation technician or engineer to assist you. A plumber can also fix it for you.

The venturi injector has to be connected on the sub main line. You should connect the venturi injector towards the arrow printed on it. Failure to do this will make the venturi injector not able to suck the liquid solution.

Uses of a Venturi Injector

A venturi injector can be used for the following:


Fertigation is a process of injecting liquid fertilizers into the irrigation system. Fertigation enables farmers to pass fertilizers in liquid form to their plants through the roots.

Fertigation is one of the most efficient ways of applying fertilizers to plants. The plants get to use the right dose of fertilizers needed at the right time. The issue of waste in fertilizers is also significantly reduced.

Fertigation also eradicates the need for labourers to side dress or top dress fertilizers on the field. This can significantly decrease the cost of labour.


This is the process of injecting chemicals like fungicides, nematicides, bactericides and insecticides etc. into the irrigation lines for onward passage to the roots of plants.

Just like fertigation, this can reduce the cost of labour for the application of pesticides.

The roots of plants can also be well treated for diseases and pests.

Advantages of using a Fertilizer Injector for Drip Irrigation

The following are the advantages of using a fertilizer injector in a drip irrigation system:

A venturi injector enables fertigation. Fertigation can improve the yield of crops significantly.

Fertigation can also reduce the cost of labour needed for the application of fertilizers.

Venturi injector can reduce the volume of fertilizers needed and yet improve the overall crop yield.

Types of Fertilizers that can be injected by a venturi injector

Below are some of the fertilizers that can be injected into an irrigation system by a venturi injector:

  • NPK Fertilizer
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Chelate
  • Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP)
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate (MPP)
  • Humic Acid and Fluvic Acid
  • Urea
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Muriate of Potash (MOP) etc.

You can order a venturi injector by calling 08025141924.

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