September 10, 2021

Rivulis has been described as the largest micro spray irrigation systems manufacturers in the world. Rivulis like Rivulis produces all manners of irrigation system. It produces sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and rain guns etc.

500 sqm drip irrigation kit


Some of the other products manufactured by Rivulis include sub main hoses, connectors, Fertigation equipment like venturi injector and dosing pump, valves, drip tapes, micro-spray hoses, spray tubes and straight connectors etc.

Rivulis supplies irrigation systems for some of the biggest irrigation projects worldwide. In Nigeria, some of the biggest irrigation projects are handled by Veggie Grow, Netafilm and Rivulis.

Rivulis drip tapes have some fantastic characteristics. The emitters on the drip tapes manufactured by Rivulis are rugged and hardly get clogged. This is one of the advantages Rivulis’ drip tapes have over Netafilm’s.

Rivulis’ irrigation system like other irrigation systems in Nigeria can enable farmers to grow their crops all year round.

Price of Rivulis Drip Irrigation System

The price of Rivulis’ drip irrigation system varies according to the size of your project and other factors.

Rivulis’ 500 Square Metre (SQM) drip irrigation kit is sold for N100,000 and N200,000.

Should you want to buy Rivulis’ drip irrigation system, you can contact 08025141924.

Drip irrigation equipment

Types of drip irrigation systems manufactured by Rivulis

The following are some of Rivulis’ drip irrigation system or kit:

100 - 500 Square Metres Drip Irrigation System

Rivulis produces and markets drip irrigation kits of sizes 100 square meters, 250 square metres and 500 square metres etc. These drip irrigation kits are ideal for small holder farmers.

Acre and hectare drip irrigation system

Just like Netafilm, Jain and Veggie Grow, Rivulis has drip irrigation systems that are ideal for one acre and one hectare farmland. These irrigation systems come with all the components of a typical drip irrigation system.

Components of Rivulis Drip Irrigation kit or System

Drip Tapes: This is the principal component of a drip irrigation system. The drip tapes are polythene made hoses or pipes that serves as lateral pipes in a drip irrigation system. Emitters are placed and spaced at equal distances on the drip tapes. Rivulis drip tapes come in sizes of 500 metres, 1000 metres and 2,000 metres etc.

Sub main lay flat hose: This is the hose that connects the drip tapes. It also connects to the main hose of the irrigation system. Rivulis sub main hose is manufactured with polythene. Some are pre-perforated.

Grommet and Take-Off: The grommet is a rubber like ring inserted on sub main PVC pipes. The grommets allow take-off valves to be placed in them. Without the grommets and take-off, the drip tapes cannot be fitted to the PVC pipes.

Lay flat or croco connectors: This is a type of connector that is used for the connection of the drip tape to the sub-main lay flat hose. Rivulis’ lay flat croco connectors are very rugged.

End Plug: This is also known as end sleeve or stopper. It is the component of the drip irrigation system used in plugging the end of the drip tapes so that the flowing water will not waste away.

Advantages of Rivulis Drip Irrigation System

Rivulis’ drip irrigation system allows all year round growing of crops. This can significantly improve the yield and income of farmers.

Farmers can increase the income and farm profit if they use Rivulis’ drip irrigation system.

The use of fertigation and chemigation in Rivulis’ drip irrigation system can improve yield, save cost and improve profit.

Disadvantages of Rivulis’ Drip Irrigation System

The cost of drip irrigation kits produced by Rivulis is relatively expensive and a lot of farmers in Nigeria cannot afford it.

Should you need a drip irrigation system, you can call 08025141924

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