November 17, 2021

The price of irrigation sprinkler in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors. That the price of an irrigation sprinkler seems cheap does not mean that the irrigation sprinkler will be of a good quality.

The price of a rain gun sprinkler can vary from one dealer to another. The size and other parameters of the irrigation sprinkler can determine the price.

The price of a big irrigation sprinkler can be as high as N1 million, other types of sprinklers can be priced as low as N1,500.

price of irrigation sprinkler in Nigeria

The Price of Irrigation Sprinkler in Nigeria (Price of Rain Gun in Nigeria)

The cost of an irrigation sprinkler varies according to factors like the capacity of the sprinkler, size, quality and place of purchase.

The price of a 2-inch irrigation gun sprinkler can range from N25,000 – N50,000. The price of a 1-inch sprinkler can also range from N2,000 – N5,000.

The PY 40 rain gun sprinkler is sold at the rate of N40,000 by Veggie Concept, a notable irrigation equipment vendor in Nigeria.

The price of a small impact sprinkler in Nigeria is usually lesser than N10,000. However, some high quality impact sprinklers can cost significantly higher than N10,000.

The price of a centre pivot or a pivot system can range from N2 million to N100 million. The center pivot system has a set of sprinklers that move in a circular or semi-circular form on a farm.

The center pivot is used to sprinkle water or irrigate large acreage of land. Centre pivots are common in the northern part of Nigeria.

Do not be deceived into buying poor quality irrigation sprinklers or rain gun sprinklers because they are cheap. Always patronize credible dealers.

Factors affecting the price of irrigation sprinkler in Nigeria


Good things do not come cheap. High quality irrigation sprinklers are usually more expensive than poor quality sprinklers.

If you buy the low quality sprinklers, they may get bad quickly and may not be good for purpose. You will be forced to buy the high quality ones later. It will be a case of being penny wise and pound foolish.


The size of an irrigation sprinkler can determine the price. Big irrigation sprinklers are often times more expensive than small irrigation sprinklers.

A 5-inch big rain gun sprinkler is usually more expensive than a 1-inch sprinkler.

Materials Used for Production

Iron and brass made sprinklers are usually priced higher than plastic sprinklers. The plastic sprinklers are usually significantly cheaper; however, they do not last as long as the iron made sprinklers.

Other factors that can impact the price of rain gun irrigation sprinkler in Nigeria are:

  • Radius of spraying
  • Country of manufacture
  • Types of tripod
  • Degree of rotation etc

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