June 28, 2021
lay flat hose (100m)
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Lay flat hose is made of polythene. Lay flat hoses are usually used for irrigation and water supply purposes.

Lay flat hoses can also be used for the supply and transfer of fluids like oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene and chemicals etc.

However, for this post, lay flat hoses will be discussed for irrigation purpose only.

In farming and irrigation, a lay flat hose can be used for the lifting of water from the source of water to the field. It can also be used for the supply of water to drip tapes in a typical drip irrigation system.

lay flat hose

Types of Lay flat Hose

Lay flat hoses can be categorized under the following sub-headings:

Materials used for production

Almost all lay flat hoses are manufactured with the use of polythene. They can be manufactured with original materials or recycled materials.

Lay flat hoses manufactured with original materials tend to be of higher quality, they also last longer than those manufactured with recycled materials.

There are also lay flat hoses made with reinforced materials, this type of lay flat hose is popularly called reinforced lay flat hose in Nigeria.


For drip irrigation, black coloured lay flat hoses are better because sunlight cannot penetrate, this will stop the growth of algae in them.

There are also blue and green coloured lay flat hoses. For irrigation purpose, transparent lay flat hoses should be avoided.


The most popular lay flat hose for irrigation in Nigeria is the 100 metres long lay flat hose. This comes in a roll of 100 metres.

There are also lay flat hoses that are 50 metres long.


The thickness of lay flat hoses is measured in millimeters or mil. For irrigation purpose, lay flat hoses that are thick should be used.

Country of manufacture

The country of manufacture does not necessary matter when you want to purchase a lay flat hose.

Generally, lay flat hoses from Europe are considered to be of a higher quality. Lay flat hoses are also manufactured in China, turkey, India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Uses of Lay Flat Hose

Below are some of the ways lay flat hoses can be used:

For Irrigation

Lay flat hoses can be used for the supply of water to plants. They can be used for drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and pivot irrigation etc.

Lay flat hoses can also be used for flood irrigation.

Water Supply

Lay flat hoses can be used for domestic and industrial water supply. They can be used to take water from a source of water to a storage facility.

Industrial Usage

A lay flat hose can be used for the transfer and supply of industrial fluids like oil, petrol, diesel and chemicals.

How to Use Layflat Hoses for Drip Irrigation Set-Up

For drip irrigation, lay flat hoses often serve as the sub main line. The lay flat hose is laid across the farmland.

The main line connects directly to the lay flat hose. In some cases, the lay flat hose can also serve as the main line.

Drip irrigation connectors like the lay flat hose connectors, grommet and take-off and valved connectors are the components used to connect the lay flat hose to the drip tapes.

Why Reinforced Lay Flat Hose

Reinforced lay flat hoses are lighter and hardier than the conventional lay flat hoses used for irrigation in Nigeria.

They last longer than the conventional lay flat hoses and also ultra violet rays tolerant.

Questions and Answers

Question: Can lay flat hoses be used for all types of irrigation work?

Answer: Yes, lay flat hoses can be used for any kind of irrigation work

Question: Where can I buy a lay flat hose in Nigeria?

Answer: You can buy by calling 08025141924

Question: How can I know a high quality lay flat hose?

Answer: You can call 08025141924 for guidance on high quality lay flat hoses

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