July 29, 2021
drip joiners

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A drip irrigation joiner is a small device used for the joining or connecting drip tapes or tubings. Drip irrigation joiners also called straight joiners are very important components of a typical drip irrigation system.

A drip irrigation joiner can also be used to repair damaged or leaking drip tapes. When a drip tape gets bad, the bad part of the drip tape can be cut away and joined with a straight connector.

Two pieces of drip tapes can also be attached or connected together with joiners or straight connectors.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that emits water to the root zone of plants in a trickle manner. Drip irrigation also called trickle irrigation or pulse irrigation is water efficient.

Drip irrigation works in a manner similar to the infusion of water into the body of a man through his veins. The roots of plants are like the veins in humans, they use water better than the leaves.

Fertigation and Chemigation can also be practiced if drip irrigation is used while planting and irrigating plants.

What is a Joiner or Straight Connector used for?

The following are the ways a joiner can be used:

A joiner or straight connector can be used to join two pieces of drip tapes. When two pieces of drip tapes need to be connected together, a straight connector can easily be used to join them.

A joiner can also be used to repair a damaged or bad drip tape. Take for instance that rodents destroy your drip tapes, joiners can be used to repair and connect the damaged part of the drip tapes.

A joiner can also be used to block leaking drip tapes. If a drip tape is punctured and leaking, a joiner can be fitted into the leaking part of the drip tape to fix it.

Do I need to use a joiner to repair my damaged drip tapes?

We have visited a number of farms and noticed that the farmers used PVC pipes and gums to repair their damaged drip tapes. In all the cases we saw, the repairs were not well carried out. All the repaired drip tapes were still leaking.

Why do you want to use gums and other materials to repair your damaged drip tapes? This often leads to waste of time and efforts.

Using straight connectors or joiners is usually the best for fixing damaged drip tapes.

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