July 24, 2021

A filter is a device used for the removal of impurities from water. A filter is one of the most important components of an irrigation system as it removes or blocks impurities from getting into an irrigation system.

Filters can be used to remove impurities through physical barriers, chemical process and biological process.

Filters when used correctly in an irrigation system can elongate the life of the irrigation system. Impurities and unwanted substances can block or log the emitters in a drip irrigation system and make the system useless.

Filters can be used for drinking water supply, swimming pool, aquariums and industrial applications. For the purpose of this note, filters will be explained as they relate to irrigation.

Types of water filter for irrigation

The following are the types of filters for irrigation:

Screen and Disc Filter – Screen Inline Filter (120 Mesh)

This type of filter is used to remove impurities from getting into an irrigation System. It has 3/4''Male thread and 3/4”Female thread.

Screen Filter – 120 Mesh Size

This also prevents unwanted substances or particles from getting into a drip irrigation system. It has the following characteristics, 3/4'' diameter, Length of 180mm, 0.2kg, Flow rate 5m3/h and maximum pressure of 6 bar.

Disc Filter – 120 Mesh Size

The disc filter works by separating impurities from the flowing water. This filter has the following characteristics, 1’’ diameter, Length of 180mm, 0.28kg, Flow rate of 6m3/h and maximum pressure of 6 bar.

Hydroclone Sand Separator

This is an advanced type of filter. It separates sand from the flowing water in an irrigation system. It is usually used in large drip irrigation set-up.

It has the following characteristics, 2'' diameter, Flange connection, raw material: PA6, Maximum flow rate of 35m3/H, maximum pressure of 10 bar, size of 1050x490x430mm and Net weight of 17.45kg.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Disc Filter

This type of filter automatically cleans itself and also removes impurities from the flowing water in an automatic manner.

It has the following characteristics, 3" size, self-cleaning disc filter, H-type and Flow rate of 44m3/h.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Disc Filter Sets

This is a type of automatic self-cleaning filter that comes in sets. It can come in sets of 2, 3, 4 or even more.

It has the following characteristics, 2''x 2 units, Working pressure of 10Bar, 120 mesh size, self-cleaning, pressure of 1.8 bar and flow rate of 40 m3/H.

Advantages of using filters for irrigation

Filters remove impurities from flowing water in the irrigation lines. This can make the irrigation system function properly.

Filters can elongate the lifespan of irrigation system by preventing impurities that can damage the system.

Filters can make dirty water become usable for irrigation and drinking.

Disadvantages of using filters for irrigation

Some filters can reduce the water pressure and flow in the irrigation system.

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