July 27, 2021
end plug
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An end plug is a component of a drip irrigation system used to cap the end of drip tapes or drip tubings.

An end plug can also be called an end cap. Without an end plug in an irrigation system, the water flowing in the drip tapes or tubings may go to waste. This will defeat the purpose of having an irrigation system.

An end cap can be used for drip tapes; it can also be used to cap the end of a sub-main or main line. All what it does is to stop the water from flowing away.

A Refresher about Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that emits water to the root zone of plants in a trickle manner. Drip irrigation also called trickle irrigation or pulse irrigation is water efficient.

With drip irrigation, water is directly injected to the roots of plants. This enables the plants to optimize the usage of water.

Fertigation and Chemigation can also be practiced if drip irrigation is used for the cultivation of crops.

What does an end cap do in a drip irrigation system?

An end plug is used to close the end of drip tapes and other types of tubings used for drip irrigation systems.

An end plug prevents the run off of water from drip tapes and irrigation tubings.

An end plug ensures that the drip tape maintains a constant water flow level and pressure level by keeping flowing water in the irrigation lines.

The end cap also enables farmers to flush their drip tapes easily. Once an end plug is removed, the water and dirts in the irrigation system can be easily removed.

Should I tie the end of the drip tape or use an end cap?

We have been asked on a number of cases about tying the end of the drip tape. Yes, you can tie the end of your drip tape instead of using end plugs. However, there are disadvantages to tying the end of the drip tape.

It is usually difficult to flush the drip tape if you tie the end of the drip tape. End plugs make it very easy to flush the drip tapes.

If you want stress free usage of your irrigation system, it is advised that you use end plugs instead of tying the end of the drip tape.

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