February 18, 2021

Dizengoff is an Israeli agribusiness firm which operates in Nigeria and several other African countries. Dizengoff sells irrigation systems, greenhouses, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, farm implements and farm machinery.

Dizengoff Nigeria has offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Kano and some other towns and cities in Nigeria. The firm is widely known for its greenhouses; however, it sells a lot of irrigation systems and also represents some big irrigation manufacturers in Nigeria.

Dizengoff drip irrigation system is popular in Nigeria especially among the small holder farmers. Dizengoff’s most popular drip irrigation system is called the family drip irrigation system; this is used for small farms measuring 500 square metres.

Dizengoff’s drip irrigation system ensures that farmers can irrigate their crops all year round. It has also assisted farmers in increasing their crop yield and also improving their profitability.

Buy Dizengoff Drip Irrigation System

500 sqm Drip irrigation kit


  • Drip Tapes
  • Lay Flat Hose
  • Connectors
  • End Plugs
  • Valves

Price of Dizengoff Drip Irrigation System

The price of Dizengoff drip irrigation system varies. A one acre drip irrigation system sold by Dizengoff varies from ₦500,000 – ₦600,000.

For those who want drip irrigation system at a more affordable cost, you can contact 08025141924.

Types of drip irrigation systems sold by Dizengoff Nigeria

The following are the types of drip irrigation system being sold by Dizengoff Nigeria:

500 Square Metres Drip Irrigation System: Dizengoff Nigeria sells drip irrigation system for 500 square meters size of farmland. Dizengoff calls this family size kit, it is produced by Netafilm. It is popular among small holder farmers and those who intend to irrigate their crops in their homes.

Acre and hectare drip irrigation system: Dizengoff Nigeria sells drip irrigation system per acre and hectare of farmland. For example, if a farmer needs 10 hectare drip irrigation system, he can get this type of irrigation system from Dizengoff Nigeria.

Components of Dizengoff’s Drip Irrigation System

Drip Tapes: This is a polythene tube or pipe with emitters placed at specified intervals. Dizengoff’s drip tapes have emitter spacing of 30cm, 50cm and 60cm. Dizengoff has drip tapes of diameters of 16mm and 12mm. The drip tapes sold by Dizengoff come in 500 metres, 1,000 metres and 2,000 metres rolls.

Sub main lay flat hose: Dizengoff sells sub main lay flat hoses which are used for the connection of the drip tapes. They usually come in 50mm diameter.

Grommet and Take-Off: The grommet is a rubber like ring inserted on the sub main PVC pipe for the connection of the take-off connectors. These two components enable the drip tapes to be connected to the sub main PVC pipes.

Lay flat or croco connectors: This is a type of connector used in connecting the drip tapes to the sub main lay flat hose. Dizengoff’s drip irrigation system has this component.

End Plug: This is the component of Dizengoff’s drip irrigation system that plugs the end of the drip tapes. It prevents water from escaping from the drip tapes.

Advantages of Dizengoff’s Drip Irrigation System

It allows farmers to practice brain fed farming instead of rain fed farming. Drip irrigation enables crops to have access to water all year round.

Dizengoff’s drip irrigation system can improve the yield and profit of farmers.

It can also save cost of fertilization and chemigation for farmers.

Disadvantages of Dizengoff Drip Irrigation System

The cost of Dizengoff’s drip irrigation system is high, this has discouraged a lot of farmers and make people buy from the competitors of Dizengoff.

Should you need drip irrigation system, you can call 08025141924.

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