February 28, 2023

Drip irrigation is known to work with almost all types of crops. It can be used for vegetables, cash crops, tree crops, fruits, flowers, shrubs and herbs etc. Drip irrigation is especially known to be used to vegetables like tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon and kale etc.

In spite of the fact that drip irrigation can be used for almost all types of crops. Care should be exercised when drip irrigation is to be used for some water sensitive crops. Rice is an example of crop that drip irrigation may not be suitable for as it needs a high level of moisture at all times. It should be noted that drip irrigation systems have been successfully used for rice farming in some countries of the world.

The water requirement of a plant will usually determine its suitability for drip irrigation. Some plants may do better if sprinklers are used for the supply of their water needs. Some may also do better if drip irrigation is used to supply water to them.

drip irrigation

Crops that drip irrigation can be used for

The following are the types of crops suitable for drip irrigation:


Drip irrigation systems are commonly used for vegetable crops. These crops include tomato, pepper, cucumber, kale, watermelon, egg plants, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, leeks, spring onions and bell pepper etc.

In Nigeria, there a lot of vegetable farmers using drip irrigation system to irrigate their crops.

Tuber Crops

Drip irrigation can also be used for tuber crops like yam, cassava, Irish potato, sweet potato, cocoyam, beets and carrots etc.

Drip irrigation has been shown to significantly increase the yield of tuber crops.

Plantation Crops

Drip irrigation can be used for crops like rubber, oil palm, cocoa and cashew etc. I have seen a cocoa plantation that increased its yield by more than 100% because the farmer used drip irrigation.

Broad Acre Crops

Drip irrigation can also be used for crops like maize, soybeans, groundnut and millet etc. Due to the seemingly low ROI of these crops, farmers often shy away from using drip irrigation systems for them.

Orchard Crops

Mango, orange, pawpaw, guava, pineapple and banana are some of the orchard crops that will do well under drip irrigation.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is known to be the most efficient type of irrigation in the world as it only passes water to the roots of the plants. Plants make better use of water when they get it through their roots. Drip irrigation unlike other types of irrigation does not spray water to the leaves and stems of plants.

Drip irrigation in Nigeria is gradually being embraced by farmers because of its benefits and potentials of increasing farmers’ yield significantly.

A typical drip irrigation system consist of drip pipes or tubes or tapes, lay flat hoses, main pipes, emitters, punch tools and sometimes a fertigation equipment like venture injector or dosing pump. The network of pipes or tubes in the drip irrigation system enables the system to distribute water to every plant on a farmland.

A drip irrigation system can be installed on the surface of the soil or underneath the soil. The drip irrigation system buried under the soil is called a sub-surface drip irrigation system.

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