October 16, 2020
2000m drip tapes
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Drip tape is the flexible plastic pipe or hose used for the distribution and emission of water to the root zones of plants in a typical drip irrigation system. The drip tape is one of the most important components of a drip irrigation system.

To use a drip tape in Nigeria, you need to purchase one for a reputable drip irrigation products dealer or seller. Drip tapes usually look flexible but they can be very rugged especially if you buy the good quality type.

A drip tape can also be called a T-Tape or a drip irrigation tape. It is called a tape because it is not as thick as a poly tube.

A drip tape ensures that water gets to the root zones of plants in a trickle way or a droplet manner. This makes the roots of plants to effectively and efficiently use the water.

Drip tapes are usually laid beside rows of crops. They can be laid on the surface of the soil and can also be laid underneath the soil (sub-surface).

Drip tapes can last for between 1 - 5 years. Several factors are responsible for how long a drip tape can last.

drip tape in  nigeria

Drip Tape Price in Nigeria

The price of drip tape in Nigeria varies from one seller to the other. There are drip tapes with good quality; there are also drip tapes that are sub-standard.

A typical 2000 metres drip tape roll in Nigeria is sold for N50,000 – N80,000 depending on quality.

The cheap drip tapes in Nigeria are mostly sub-standard; they get clogged easily and do not last long. There are several cases of farmers buying low quality drip tapes because of their cheap prices but after a few weeks, they get damaged and unusable.

Where to buy drip irrigation tape in Nigeria

There are few credible dealers or sellers that sell high quality drip tape in Nigeria. The below drip irrigation dealers market good quality drip tapes in Nigeria:

Veggie Grow: This is one of the largest irrigation products’ dealers in Nigeria. The firm does not only sell drip tapes, it also provides free professional agronomic services to its customers. These free services include free drip irrigation system installation, free soil analysis, free water test, free design of agronomic plan and free fertilization plan.

Contact: +2348025141924, sales@veggiegrow.ng

Dipp Limited: Dipp Limited is one of the few irrigation firms in Nigeria that markets drip tapes with high standard. It sells both Indian and Chinese manufactured drip tapes.

Contact: +23412665430

Naan Dain Drip: This firm also sells a lot of irrigation products including drip tapes. I can vouch for the quality of the drip tapes sold by this firm.

Contact: +2349195028

Amira Drip Irrigation kit: This firm also markets drip tapes in Nigeria. The firm sells good quality irrigation materials.

Contact: +2349110139

Types of T-Tapes in Nigeria (Drip Tapes)

The most popular types of drip tape in Nigeria according to their manufacturer or marketer are listed below:

  • Veggie Grow Drip Tape
  • Dipp Drip Tape
  • Rivulis Drip Tape
  • Netafilm Drip Tape
  • Naan Drip Tape
t tape

Characteristics of drip tapes in Nigeria

The types of drip tape sold in Nigeria have attributes or characteristics, these characteristics are explained under sub-headings below:

Length: Drip tapes come in different length. The most popular drip tapes in Nigeria come in lengths of 500 metres, 1,000 metres, 1,500 metres and 2,000 metres. 2,000 metres drip tapes are the commonest in Nigeria.

Drip tapes can also come in 100 metres and 200 metres length.

Diameter: Almost all the drip tapes in Nigeria come in diameter of 16mm. I have personally not seen any drip tape with diameters other than 16mm. There are drip tapes that have 12mm diameter.

Thickness: The thickness of drip tapes in Nigeria is usually 0.2mm and 0.3mm. There are other thickness levels for drip tapes.

Spacing: The emitter spacing of drip tapes can be 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm etc. The drip tapes common in Nigeria have emitter spacing of 0.3mm.

Water Emission Rate: The water emission rates of drip tapes can be 1 litres per hour, 2 litres per hour, 3 litres per hour or more.

Pressure Limit: Most drip tapes in Nigeria have a working pressure level of 1 bar.

Pressure Compensation: Drip tapes can be either pressure compensating or non-pressure compensating. A pressure compensating drip tape can emit the same water rate even if there are slopes on the farmland.

Features of drip tapes

A drip tape is usually ultra violet rays resistant; this means that a typical drip tape cannot be damaged by ultra violet rays of the sun.

A drip tape comes in rolls; it can be rolled back after the end of the season.

A drip tape allows water to flow through it.

A drip tape can be laid on or beneath the soil.

Most drip tapes have a working pressure of 1 bar.

Drip tapes are usually manufactured with virgin materials. However, the low quality types are manufactured with recycled materials.

Emitters are usually placed at equal intervals on the drip tapes.

Crops a drip tape can be used for in Nigeria

Vegetables: Drip tapes can be used for vegetables like tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon, kale, lettuce, strawberry, onions, broccoli, okra, ugwu and cauliflower. Drip tapes are very suitable for vegetables as they can improve the yields of vegetables tremendously.

drip tape for vegetables

Broad Acre Crops: Drip tapes can be used for crops like maize, millet, soybeans, groundnut and sorghum. Drip irrigation can increase the yield of maize from 4 tonnes per hectare to 9 – 12 tonnes per hectare.

Tree Crops: Drip tapes can also be used for tree crops. These crops include cocoa, cashew, oil palm and rubber etc.

How to install a drip tape in Nigeria

To install a drip tape, you need to have the other components of a drip irrigation system. The other components needed to install a drip tape on a farm are main pipe, sub-main pipe or hose, connectors, end plugs, valves and venture injector.

Drip tapes are laid straight beside rows of plants.

Advantages of using a drip tape in Nigeria

Increase in crop yield: Drip tapes when used the right way can lead to an increase in crop yield.

All year round irrigation: Drip tapes ensure that crops get water all year round; this can increase the yield and income of farmers.

Labour efficiency: Drip tapes can reduce the cost of labour needed for the application of fertilizers and pesticides.

Reduction in weeds: Drip tapes unlike sprinklers reduce weed pressure on farms.

Possibility of fertigation and chemigation: With drip tapes, farmers can easily apply fertilizers and chemicals to the roots of their crops.

Water saving: Drip tapes can save a lot of water unlike sprinklers and flood irrigation.

Disadvantage of using a drip tape in Nigeria

Drip tapes can be expensive for poor farmers, however the advantages can compensate for the high cost.

You can use drip tapes for your farm in Nigeria and benefit a lot from this unique technology.

You can order drip tapes by calling 08025141924.

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