July 1, 2020

The cost of drip irrigation per acre and hectare varies in Nigeria. The cost of drip irrigation per acre varies from ₦250,000 – ₦1 million depending on the type and quality of drip irrigation kits you want.

Irrigation firms like Netafilm sells some of their drip irrigation kits for as high as ₦800,000 per acre. Veggie Grow sells its own drip irrigation kits for between ₦150,000 – ₦250,000.

There are several unscrupulous irrigation equipment dealers in Nigeria that sell drip irrigation systems at ridiculous low prices, these drip irrigation kits are mostly sub-standard, they will only last few weeks on your farm. Some of these drip irrigation kits even get damaged during installation.

The unscrupulous dealers known that the average Nigeria is price sensitive, he or she wants to buy things at very cheap prices. This is the trick used to sell poor quality agro inputs in Nigeria. Never buy any irrigation kit or agro inputs in Nigeria because you think it is too cheap. You will blame yourself and still come back to buy the good quality agro inputs.

cost of drip irrigation kit in nigeria

Cost of drip irrigation per acre in Nigeria

The cost of drip irrigation per acre ranges between ₦250,000 to above ₦1 million. Please note that this is the cost of quality drip irrigation systems. In Nigeria, you can get quality drip irrigation systems from prices starting from ₦200,000 per acre.

If you are importing, you can get at a slightly lower rate, however, you need to be very careful about importing drip irrigation systems. If you want to import from Asian countries like India and China, you need to be extra careful of sub-standard products. You also need to know how to address the hassles of clearing your merchandise in Nigeria.

Cost of drip irrigation per hectare in Nigeria

The cost of drip irrigation system per hectare in Nigeria ranges from ₦600,000 to above ₦2 million depending on the type and quality of kit you want. Please note that one hectare is about 10,000 square meters while one acre is about 4,000 square meters. One hectare is 2.5 times the size of one acre.

Some irrigation dealers in Nigeria sell only complete drip irrigation systems. They do not sell the components of the drip irrigation system. You will often see adverts of some firms selling a one hectare complete drip irrigation system or a one acre complete drip irrigation system.

Cost of drip irrigation accessories

Do you wish to buy only some components of a drip irrigation system and not the complete kit? If yes, you can get these components to buy from some irrigation dealers in Nigeria.

The cost of a 2,000 meters roll of drip tapes can vary from ₦70,000 – ₦150,000. Some very low quality types are sold for ₦50,000, this type will emit water with high variability, this can lead to non-uniform growth and poor fertigation, the emitters also get blocked easily thereby condemning the whole irrigation system.

cost of drip irrigation system in Nigeria

The cost of a 100 meters lay flat hose also varies. Some are priced at ₦30,000 while some are priced higher and lower.

The cost of a 1-inch venture injector in Nigeria can go for ₦10,000, some may cost higher.

Do you wish to know the cost of drip irrigation system per acre in Nigeria? If yes, you may wish to contact us or use our buying guide.

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